Train your employees with a tap of a smartphone

Mar 4
nClass for trianing and development

Train your employees with a tap of a smartphone

Powerpoints have been the staple of new employee training, but what if they could be more effective…more interactive.

Ask questions, receive more answers: when orienting new employees to your company, many suggest asking questions. But why call on just one person? Instead, you could have new hires write their answers on a slip of paper, or have them submit their answers digitally. nClass will seamlessly collect and display answers from each employee’s phone or computer.

Facilitate group discussions: Once orientation is over, each employee must start working on their own team. Get the collaborative spirit going while fostering inter-office communication by starting group discussions. Here’s a tip: give new hires 15 minutes to brainstorm a 30-day plan with their colleagues. This is especially helpful for new interns who may be starting their first professional experience. Can’t afford the 15-minutes? Integrate these discussions seamlessly using text comments with nClass.

Check comprehension: Are new hires following along or are they hopelessly confused? It can be hard to tell, especially when activities that have become second to you are new to them. Using nClass, your new employees can report their level of comprehension by clicking a smile or frown. You then receive these reports and can adjust your explanation accordingly. This will maximize the time available because you can speed up when comprehension is high, while reducing questions later as you adjust when comprehension is low. Suddenly, new employee orientation seems much more efficient.

How do you use technology in training? Let us know in the comments.


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