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Mar 20

3 Ways to Turn Students into Reflective Learners

Touching on controversial topics is certainly tough. Some teachers may even dread touchy subjects. Yet, students stand to gain from discussing these topics–tough discussions help students think critically, pick apart and strengthen their logic, separate emotions from facts, and improve their own opinions. It can be tricky to approach these subjects, but highly rewarding to

Sep 14
nClass Classroom Icebreakers

4 ways to break the start-of-semester ice

At the beginning of every new class, it’s normal to hear your students’ names, get a fact or two about them and just move on. The games can be fun, but the new knowledge tends to fade after class. Instead, use nClass to instantly get to know your students and record their information for future

Feb 4
nClass Anonymous Participation in Classroom

3 Ways Anonymous Student Participation can Improve Learning

Every teacher knows that no two students are the same. As easy as it is to judge a class based on its most responsive participants, it is equally difficult to work on the introverted students. For such students to participate and take back from a class discussion, why not give them tools to have a

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