Students: Present Better with nClass

Dec 6
presentation with nclass

Students: Present Better with nClass

The oral presentation: ever present,ever nerve-racking. How do you secure an A? When making a snappy powerpoint just isn’t enough, add some kick with nClass. Here’s how:

Include your audience

Usually, you might reel in the rest of the class with a puzzling question. Next time, don’t just leave your audience to mull it over, get them to answer: pose your question as a multiple choice or short answer question. You’ll get instant result to support your point of view, or a read the best or funniest answers to grab the classroom’s attention.

Get Feedback

Send your peers a short poll with nClass afterward. This is a perfect tactic for a competitive debate class–you’ll know exactly what needs improvement. Nothing better than real time feedback shared anonymously without fear.

Keep the Conversation Going

Start a blog post on your presentation. Make sure that powerpoint sticks by ending with a thought-provoking question. Then, slap it online for class comments. You can gauge the quality of your presentation by the after-class engagement, plus, this technique is great way for students with stage fright to prove their presentation was effective.


How do you communicate with your peers during class presentations? Let us know in the comments.


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