Student Attendance Matters – what can we all do?

Feb 14
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Student Attendance Matters – what can we all do?

Students come to an educational institution for learning. Be it higher education or K-12, student attendance does matter at every stage! Parents, Instructors, School Administration, they all have a responsibility when it comes to student attendance. Let us throw some light on the actions each stakeholder can take to improve attendance at their institutions:

Students: As a student, you must build some positive pressure on your peer group and friends for being present in classes regularly. Make them realize that you miss them when they do not turn up. Help them in whatever way you can. You can ask them to share the reasons of their absence and see if you can lend a helping hand in any way. You can even encourage your friends to maintain the attendance in order to earn any rewards your school might be offering.

School Admin: The best way management can encourage best attendance is by recognizing and celebrating the improvement or capability of high attendance of students. School authorities and staff should create a strong attendance culture and track the absenteeism data of every individual. If you are a part of school admin, this will help you identify students who are regularly missing their classes and offer early interventions for such students.

Mentors: As a mentor to school going students, whether you are a neighbor, a tutor, an elder cousin or a role model, you must encourage and deliver consistent messages regarding the importance of attending school. Students trust their mentors and might share with them, why they want to miss school. This could help identify the underlying causes.

Parents: Parents are the foundation builders. As a parent, it is your primary responsibility to build good habits from early years of schooling itself. Avoid scheduling vacations, family socials that would force your child to take leave. Make sure you know about every absence of your child.  And when you know that your child is trying to avoid school, you must investigate the reasons that are causing him/her to lose interest.

It is not only the students who are to be blamed when it comes to low student attendance, it is equally the responsibility of parents, school authorities, teachers and even the mentors to take care as student attendance matters!

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