Increase engagement by giving every student a voice

Nov 7
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Increase engagement by giving every student a voice

Ensuring classroom attendance is one battle, but how should professors combat full, yet unresponsive classes? Student attendance is only part of the equation, being present and active participation is essential to enhancing learning.

One of the toughest situations professors face is figuring out a way to involve the entire class. Even though students may be physically present, organic classroom discussions can be difficult to facilitate. Some students may over dominate the conversation whereas other students may be shy. Some individuals may feel like they need further clarification whereas others feel like a topic wasn’t discussed enough. These situations are no stranger to the classroom and are problematic when it comes to maintaining fruitful discussion.

Well, nClass alleviates these concerns with a prized feature for queuing student comments or questions. This method involves the submission of questions and comments during lecture, which keep the professor up to date and provide students an outlet to advance their learning. This unique ability to dialogue during lecture helps manage classroom discussions more effectively through the discussion queue.

The queue resembles a social media feed, allowing them to voice their questions and comments. Other classmates can view these questions and comments and even “like” them. Teachers can also provide commentary, facilitating conversations with individual students and providing quick feedback to students. This feedback is particularly helpful in clarifying confusion within discussions, but it also encourages a more open discussion forum. Shy or introverted students now have a noninvasive forum to voice their opinion.

Ask us how nClass can help enrich discussions in your classroom, by increasing participation, including diverse opinions, incorporate and address feedback, thus maximizing each individual learner needs.

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