Improve Cognitive Domain Learning with nClass

Jul 29
nClass Learning

Improve Cognitive Domain Learning with nClass

Remember Bloom’s Taxonomy? It’s a set of vocabulary that explains the type of learning students experience. As a result, it also helps guide lesson plans in order to encourage learning. Here’s how nClass maximizes all aspects of cognitive learning:


Remembering –  This is the lowest level of cognitive learning, but also an important step toward higher level thinking. Practice remembering early on by sprinkling one-word questions throughout your lecture. nClass will allow your students to view the range of one-word responses within class to better remember the correct answer(s).


Understanding – Once your students remember the facts, it’s important to know how to arrive on these facts. Luckily, nClass is perfect for demos: to help students work through experiments and demos to arrive at an answer, nClass will collect data as they go along. As students visualize data collected in real time, they will start to understand how researchers make the inferences that turn into class material.


Applying – After an effective lecture, your students likely remember the facts and understand the concepts. Don’t let that understanding fade away–have your students apply their knowledge through exit tickets. Have students answer a question or two about a real-life situation related to the lecture.


Analyzing/Evaluating/Creating – Why not start class with a critical thinking question? This will solidify learning from the last lecture, and you’ll collect your students’ work instantly with nClass. Not to mention, you can spur great class discussions with text responses.


How do you incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy into class? Let us know below

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