High Classroom Attendance: a bonus for the teachers!

Dec 27
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High Classroom Attendance: a bonus for the teachers!

Student attendance is usually regarded as a unilateral academic construct, affecting only students and their learning process. However, attendance, because of the irrevocable connection between students and educators, is beneficial for the faculty as well!

Faculty members spend a lot of time and effort preparing for class. A class full of students who are engaged, thinking critically in turn provides feedback to the faculty on their material and methods. If students do not show up for class, the faculty loses this opportunity to interact with the students. In addition, regular presence in class allows faculty to get to know the students better and identify ones needing extra guidance. This improves the performance for the entire class which in turn reflects well on the faculty.

Here are some ways in which the faculty benefits from high classroom attendance:

  • Get to know your students

A classroom with high attendance gives the teacher an opportunity to establish a one on one relationship with the students. When the teacher addresses her/his student by their names and recognizes faces while holding conversations and class discussions, becomes a way for identifying students who need help, thereby enabling a teacher to help the classroom grow more holistically.

  • Intellectual Stimulation & Personal Learning

In a classroom with low occupancy, a teacher loses out on the opportunity to grow as an educator. A class with full attendance is a scenario where students involve themselves dynamically into the classroom, asking questions and discussing their views about the lessons taught. A teacher is then not only able to address these queries but learns of the gaps in his/her teaching methodology, how to tackle students of different temperaments, and from classroom interactions as well.

  • Student Feedback

Taking feedback about lessons from students is a foolproof way that serves the dual purpose of engaging the class, as well as working on ways to improve the teaching strategies. Moreover, for students who aren’t confident about publicly voicing their opinions, nClass provides the perfect platform to anonymously post comments and share their ideas with the class and the teacher as well.

A teacher conducting an anonymous poll using nClass and starting a blog for students’ opinions and suggestions on it, or simply starting a conversation and feedback thread can help the teacher and students engage freely and make way for double ended learning as well. One of the best features that nClass guarantees is anonymity in feedback, pushing students to come forward and share their opinions about their classroom sessions.

In what ways do you think the faculty benefits from high classroom attendance? Let us know below.

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