Effective feedback – timely and targeted

Aug 18
nClass timely and targeted feedback

Effective feedback – timely and targeted

Feedback is extremely important for the learning process. After all, one can only learn from their mistakes if they know they are making them. Feedback also should be timely to be most effective. As a result, it’s incredibly important to not only give your students feedback throughout the semester, but to also get feedback from them. Here are a few ways to improve feedback for both you and your students.


For your students:

  1. Sprinkle multiple choice questions throughout lecture and give your students instant corrections using nClass.
  2. End class with a short-answer exit ticket on the day’s material, then bring the corrections to the next class.
  3. Set up a question queue during class and set aside some time to address each student’s question after lecture. This way, students don’t feel pressured to ask fewer questions due to time constraints.

Feedback for you:

  1. Watch for comprehension alerts. This real-time feedback helps you adjust your lecture if students show you they are confused.
  2. Allow anonymous comments. Like comprehension alerts, instructors get these in real time. However, they are much more specific. Review these during class or while creating your next lesson plan.
  3. Take a short survey. nClass’ Likert scale option make surveys easy and quick–perfect for biweekly feedback.


How frequently and how do you give feedback? How frequently and how do you get it? Let us know in the comments?

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