How to Conduct Effective Lectures for New Age Learners

Feb 13
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How to Conduct Effective Lectures for New Age Learners

An educator’s role is more than simply transfer of information and knowledge, but also to ensure students understand, apply and create from this knowledge. One way this can be done is by turning lectures from one sided orations to discussions, debates and more two way question-answers.

Here are a few ways to make your lectures effective for new age learners:

  1. Active participation for active learning

Various activities during the class can help students formulate opinions and discuss practical applications of the theories they learn in class. Activities like one-sentence summary of a chapter, debates in the beginning or end of a topic, and one-minute paper add dimension to an otherwise boring lecture session. Dubbed as ‘active learning’ by experts, these and many more activities push students to discuss subject matter in class. Several studies have proven  positive correlation between active learning and student outcomes.


  1. Learning is fun-tastic with technology

Technology can be used to minimize the time gap between classroom interactions. Rather than waiting a whole session or fragmenting a topic to be discussed over a number of sessions, an engagement platform like nClass can help students post their ideas and opinions as and when it comes to them. Or try some games.


  1. Peer to peer learning

An important aspect of learning is not just to learn from the teacher, but from fellow students as well. This inculcates the importance of being receptive to learning, from all directions. Students can be split into groups and activities like role play and real life simulation. Scenarios can be enacted out and questions can be posed to have a better understanding and application of the concepts. This can also help develop interpersonal skills, teamwork and soft skills very much required in the workplace.


  1. Feedback, and more feedback

However great techniques you use, there’s always room for improvement. Timely feedback from your students can help you adapt your teaching plan to suit their needs better. nClass gives you the option to launch anonymous feedback threads for a presentation shown in class or a discussion as well. With nClass, you can be sure that even the most introverted students, look forward to your lectures and will not hold back.

What other ways do you think can make lectures more effective? Let us know in the comments below

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