Change Classroom Distractions into Tools for Learning

Oct 31
nClass students using mobile in classroom

Change Classroom Distractions into Tools for Learning

We’ve said it before, and we’re not alone: traditional lectures are dying! They’ve been proven ineffective compared to any kind of active learning. So how do teachers make sure their teaching in the most effective way? With nClass. Teachers and students already use nClass throughout the world to make their classrooms interactive using the devices students already own and content that teachers already have.

What is nClass?

Put simply, it’s a technology that allows students to give feedback to their instructors and contribute to class discussion instantaneously from a mobile device.

Why is nClass so powerful?

It augments lectures with student feedback in the form of mini-quiz answers, anonymous comments–and in nClass’ case–pulse checks and the ability for students to virtually “raise their hand”. Students get apply the material as soon as they learn it and instructors then use the insights gained during class to improve lecture content.

How effective is this technology?

In one experiment a General Psychology course, students in the section using interactive personal response technology did 18% better on test questions than the control section. Another study saw scores increases as much at 50%. On yet another, exams increased 26% compared to the control. That’s effective!

What makes nClass so great?

  • Hard to lose – Because nClass fits neatly on students’ own devices, they’re not likely to leave them at home. No need to force students to carry around a clunky clicker device.
  • Enables several different response types – Don’t just test your student with multiple choice questions and polls, get likert scales, short and long free responses, and more with nClass.
  • Simple – Easy to get started and use by faculty and students. Make your classroom interactive using devices students already have and content instructors already have.
  • Doesn’t break the bank – The best way to get your students on board is to make sure they can afford the technology. nClass’ pricing is competitive for both the student and the institution.

Why did you switch to nClass? Let us know in the comments.

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