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Aug 8
classroom assessments using nClass

Why interactive quizzing is the new “homework”?

Testing after each unit is standard–but should it be? Traditionally, students come into tests nervous, knowing that it is a make or break moment. After all, it’s the culmination of their hard work. Instead, what if students were tested as the material is being discussed? Can Interactive Quizzing replace homework in it’s traditional sense? Think formative

Apr 5
nclass students engaged using tablets smartphones

Is the traditional form of lecture obsolete?

Is it possible that the most common class format is ineffective? Recent research points suggests it might be. In fact, students in traditional lectures are 1.5 times more likely to fail than those in active learning classes.   Where lectures fail: Participation is inherently optional. Unfortunately, this means your students tend to zone out after

Sep 23
nClass College Classroom

Enhance Student Learning

Studies have found that traditional lectures may be ineffective at teaching students, so it is time to revisit the long passive lecture format?  It’s the mental equivalent of sitting all day–bad for you, but deeply entrenched. It’s time to stop teaching material the wrong way. Instead, try swapping bad lecture habits with cutting-edge active learning

Aug 25
nClass BYOD to class

4 ways to implement BYOD better

Allow students to bring phones to class? Sounds chaotic! Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, your students can benefit from innovative edtech, while saving some money for your district if students can bring their own devices. Not to mention, most students fear losing their phone more than their clicker, so you’ll worry less about

Apr 20
nClass Skill Development

4 ways to increase corporate training ROI

Follow up up with trainees – Often, employees lose 90% of their new skills after a year if left unassessed. To effectively keep employees trained, assess your employees periodically and offer refresher seminars. Set up channels for feedback – Many firms make this fatal flaw: mismatching training with the reality of the job. How do

Apr 11
nclass students using smartphones

Creativity and Critical Thinking through one-word answers

Multiple choice, short answer and true/false may be the main ways to test students but isn’t something missing? Something that requires more creativity than multiple choice or true/false but takes less time than short answer? One word answers. We think this flexible item type should make it into your next assessment. Have students…. Fill in

Apr 7
likert survey

5 Likert Scale questions to ask in the classroom

While Likert scales may be ubiquitous in the survey world, they seem come into the classroom around review time. Yet, the likert scale is a power tool to assess your students and your own teaching, so why not incorporate it all year? Need inspiration? We’ve put together 5 questions to ask your students using this

Mar 5
nclass students participating

3 Ways to Turn Memorizers into Inquirers

3 Ways to Turn Memorizers into Inquirers It can be tempting to rely on traditional lecture methods, especially when your students seem to be doing well on their exams. But are your students really learning, or are they simply memorizing? It happens to the best of us. In fact, Harvard Professor Eric Mazur describes when

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