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Two fresh graduates discussing classroom experiences in 2012 led to development of nClass. They saw the potential of using mobile technology combined with innovative pedagogical techniques to improve classroom learning experiences. Mobile technology was quickly getting integrated with other activities then, so why not the classroom! Mobile and web devices were already ubiquitous and combined with the app eco-systems there was an opportunity to develop and roll out a cloud based solution.

Instructors are not looking for a new tool just because it is mobile! They are looking for easier to use tools that simplifies the admin tasks. Millennials are already using Mobile devices for everything and expect more from institutions, which in turn are looking for economical options with quick ROI.

nClass version 1.0 was released in June 2013 and has been used in several classrooms since then. We continue to build and enhance the product. With institution budgets constrained and student finances already stretched with rising tuition and other expenses, one of the objectives from the beginning has been to keep the price economical and 100% inclusion i.e. support for various devices. In its simplest form, instructors and students can use nClass via a web browser on their computer.

nClass has come a long way since inception and continues to grow. USPTO has granted the first Patent as well. Read our blog to learn how to transform your classroom from a passive lecture into an interactive learning experience.

nClass was developed by alumni of Georgetown University, who have prior entrepreneurship experience and leading global teams in silicon valley tech companies Oracle, Netscape, AOL, EMC, and others. Funded by private investment and advised by leading faculty members and industry experts. The product is developed as a mobile first and cloud first solution complying with industry standards.

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