4 Reasons You Should Automate Attendance

Sep 12

4 Reasons You Should Automate Attendance


Taking attendance can be sloppy and time consuming–especially at the collegiate level. Luckily, you can do away with the sign-up sheets and shouting roll call for good. How? Have a computer or mobile phone take it automatically with nClass. Here’s why automating your attendance might be worth it:

Avoid inaccuracies

Between skipping rows, lost sheets and proxies, it seems like sign-in sheets cause problems at least once a week. While sign-in sheets make it possible to take attendance in big classes they also lead to confusion and mistakes….which lead to throbbing headaches and midday fatigue. It’s just not worth it. Instead, if you automate your attendance with nClass, your students can sign in on the phones and computers they carry around anyway. Their attendance record goes straight to the cloud rather than weaving around the classroom.

Save time

In order to make sure each student is really in class, you might call roll. It might take five to ten minutes, but hey, it’s the only way to be sure you haven’t missed any students, right? Wrong. Automated attendance feature of nClass, ensures that each student is counted quietly as they sign on. Because each student is in charge of signing themselves in, multiple students can sign in at the same time and without interrupting lecture and saving valuable class time.

Ditch the seating chart

It’s easy to take roll when you have a seating chart….except in large classes, crowded classrooms, irregularly-shaped classes, or classes that require a lot of group work. With automated attendance, students can sit where ever seems best and you’ll still get an accurate record of attendance.

Go paperless

In today’s Earth-conscious society, it just doesn’t make sense to waste paper to take attendance. Not only is it wasteful, but paper sign-in and attendance sheets can get dirty, ripped or even lost. Luckily, you can prevent waste and accidents with automation. nClass neatly aggregates attendance records available via an online account that you can access any time.

The Bottom Line: You can save time, reduce headaches, make attendance fun and give the old-fashioned sign-in sheets and roll call the kiss-off.

What makes sign-in sheets, roll call and seating charts frustrate you? Let us know in the comments and we’ll show you how to eliminate it.

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