3 Ways to Increase Attendance

Feb 23
nclass ways to increase attendance

3 Ways to Increase Attendance

Importance of high attendance is sometimes underrated in the education system. In recent blog posts we discussed attendance policies in college and how faculty might benefit from high attendance. Instructors only gain from higher attendance which can help improve retention as well. Here are three ways to increase attendance in your classrooms. Techniques to increase attendance will vary based on class size and level.

Activities  v/s  Theory

One of the major reasons why students skip class is if they feel it will be a repeat of theoretical concepts in the textbook or the pre-class reading material. Students might feel they will not learn anything new and take the DIY approach. Introduce classroom activities, encourage discussions and peer learning processes to surprise and keep the students engaged. Keep them coming back for more. Bring in experts, guest speakers and introduce real-life examples via case studies.

Pop Quizzes

Pop Quizzing or even announced tests will keep the students on their toes and in line with the progress of the curriculum. If there is no make up quiz offered, it will encourage them to attend classes on a more regular basis. Students working under a bit more pressure to keep their pace with that of their classmates and with the teacher’s for better academic results, will show up.

Personalize and build a sense of Community

The learning process and academics are highly influenced by a teacher’s interest in a student’s personal and academic development. Learn your students name quickly. nClass can help make this easier especially for large classes. Build trust with the students and let them know you are willing to take the extra steps to help them succeed. When students feel cared for and have a sense of community, they will be more keen on attending your classes, knowing there’s more than pure academics at stake.

A lot of information and free courses are available on the internet today. It is the human interaction and live discussions that can make a difference and provide a well-rounded education. nClass can help you automate the attendance tracking, provide detailed reporting and enrich the classroom experience.


How do you increase attendance in your classrooms? Tell us in the comments below.


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