3 Ways Anonymous Student Participation can Improve Learning

Feb 4
nClass Anonymous Participation in Classroom

3 Ways Anonymous Student Participation can Improve Learning

Every teacher knows that no two students are the same. As easy as it is to judge a class based on its most responsive participants, it is equally difficult to work on the introverted students. For such students to participate and take back from a class discussion, why not give them tools to have a voice in the classroom.

It is generally expected that about 10% of students will dominate classroom discussion. One of nClass’ features is the ability to do anonymous student responses and comprehension feedback. Below are few thoughts on how a teacher might benefit from this anonymous mode of participation.

Before Starting a Lesson

One of the features that nClass provides one the teacher with, is question queuing. The teacher can ask the students to pose one question that they have on the pre-class reading. If they do not have a question, ask them to post a comment. Teacher can assess student understanding and viewpoints before the discussion begins. In a large class, the teacher can quickly identify the theme in student questions.

Always a Step Ahead with Anonymous Polling

Crush students fear of being wrong, by dong anonymous polling. To involve the extremely introverted, pose a question with anonymous responses or do a comprehension poll.  Avoid calling out the non-volunteer by names and remove fear of peer judgment. Studies have shown that methods such as these broaden participation and improve student learning.

Engage the Disengaged Students

Comprehension Poll is one of the unique features of nClass. With large class sizes, even in an engaged classroom, only a small majority appears actively engaged. The teacher has no way to tell how the quiet ones are doing. Diversity in the student viewpoints is one of the key ways to enrich the classroom experience. Using nClass the teacher can run polls, allow anonymous comments during discussion or a comprehension poll. All of the results are available in realtime allowing the teacher to adapt accordingly.

What other ways can learning be improved by allowing anonymous student participation? Let us know in the comments below.

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