3 Reasons to Embrace Text Responses

Dec 5
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3 Reasons to Embrace Text Responses

Students have different learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Unfortunately, professors tend to teach only to two. But don’t get caught up in tradition—you can cater to the kinesthetic learners and audio-visual learners alike by using text comments. Text responses let you check understanding, enhance discussion, promote debate, and express perspective. Fortunately, nClass lets you do just that.


Shy Students:

These students usually dread public speaking even though they want to engage in class material. After all, we teach students that it’s respectful to listen and avoid interruption. Text responses allow shy students a way to speak up politely and quietly.


Thorough and Articulate Answers:

Class discussion don’t have to be about improvisation and more time means more thought out answers. When writing, students brainstorm ideas, gather evidence, and carefully craft arguments–something almost unheard of if they were asked on the spot. Because written responses tend to be more thorough, professors can more regularly measure student understanding during discussions.


Increases Writing Skills:             

In the digital and globally connected world, writing skills are a highly marketable trait. By offering students an in-class chance to cut their writing teeth, they practice writing more often and can get feedback from their peers.

You can also share the responses with the class as entered or generate a word cloud to better visualize the responses and make the classroom fun!

How do you use text responses in class? Got any ideas? Leave them in the comments.



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